Bring learning to life with SciGround.


 SciGround integrates STEM learning, play and fun through an augmented reality educational app for children, parents and teachers that creates fascinating STEM playgrounds in any space.

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A new way to

Captivating education for kids aged 4 - 8 in any setting using  guided play that connects knowledge with movement.

Make your child's screen time count as they play, discover and explore the magical world of STEM they already inhabit.



Experience dynamic learning that suits every learning style and sparks a real world connection to STEM learning.

Early exposure to STEM education is proven to build retention in STEM subjects through K-12.


Powered by
AR + growth mindset

Open a fascinating world of STEM discovery indoors or outside using world leading augmented reality technology.

Increase your child's resilience through embedded growth mindset language that rewards effort and exploration.