Wollondilly Shire Council Pilot

SciGround is an augmented reality game for children 5+ to learn about science while exploring the outdoors.

Wollondilly Shire Council is partnering with SciGround for a pilot in the Picton Botanic Gardens from 22 February to 22 April 2018.

We would love to hear your feedback to make the app even better for you.

After installing the free app, visitors to the Botanical Gardens can use their phone to see ‘virtual’ animals appear around them in the physical world and play a game to learn more.

Because SciGround encourages people to learn and be active outdoors, parents and children are reminded to remain aware of their surroundings while playing. Parents are encouraged to supervise children while they play, and to join in the fun!

To use SciGround during the pilot, visitors will need an Apple device which supports augmented reality (iPhone 6S or newer, iPad 2017 or iPad Pro).

SciGround plans to expand the range of compatible devices following the pilot.