What is SciGround?

SciGround is an educational mobile app for early learners. It uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create challenge based play for children 4-8 to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) ideas in their own world and contexts. Currently SciGround is available for iOS devices with operating system 7 and upwards, a web based app will be launched mid 2019 available on all mobile platforms and devices.) If you want to download the current version of SciGround here it is!


How does it work?

Players log in to a web app on their mobile device and register their data. Once registered, they can choose whether they are playing indoors or outdoors, the level they want to play, and then begin. Using an AR interface, players have to solve challenges related to STEM topics to move to the next level. As they play, they unlock new information and facts to help them connect their lives to the fascinating world of STEM around them.


Can more than one child play?

SciGround encourages children and parents, friends and siblings to play and explore together, sharing the challenge and helping each other learn and grow through collaboration.


My child is older/younger than the recommended age – can they still play?

SciGround’s content is developed for 4-8 year olds, but has been enjoyed by younger and older children (and their parents). Children younger than 4 are likely to need assistance with instructions but will still have fun and learn, with parents providing scaffolded learning through guided play. Older children can have plenty of fun on their own or with younger siblings and friends reinforcing their existing STEM know


How does SciGround incorporate Growth Mindset?

SciGround has growth mindset concepts built in to its game engine, and rewards players for trying to solve problems and failing, rather than just getting the right answer. Growth mindset is a powerful educational concept that promotes effort rather than outcome and encourages exploration of complex concepts, especially in collaboration with others to find an outcome. The language of growth mindset is key, especially when it comes to praise and reward – using specific words to encourage and motivate actions rather than blanket concepts.


Understanding the power of growth mindset is a secret weapon in a parent’s toolkit when raising a child. Allowing children to struggle and encouraging their own discovery rather than jumping in and helping really helps children to become resilient and capable of solving problems. Children need to be supported with praise that encourages them to make mistakes – as mistakes are what grow the brain by firing neurons and making the new connections that result in knowledge. The growth mindset methodology isn’t just for kids. As parents, fixed mindsets also can limit our self-belief and how we model behavior in our families and relationships.  By using growth mindset language with our kids, we are also helping ourselves achieve – it’s never too late to adopt a growth mindset!


Can I use SciGround in the Classroom/at my Kindy/Early Learning Centre?

Of course. SciGround is designed for teachers and educators to add to their curriculum, especially for outdoor play. You will need to have iOS devices with the app downloaded for the children, a teachers version with some cool additional features will be coming out in late 2019 – play tuned!

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