SciGround’s vision is to create meaningful and measurable learning experiences for children globally through mobile mixed reality (MR) technology, integrating STEM, guided play, growth mindset and social and emotional learning. We want to help inspire generations of curious, resilient life long learners. Come play, explore and discover with us.

Founder + CEO


Dr Polly McGee is an author, educator, digital strategist and CEO of early learning edtech startup SciGround. With over a decade working in innovation and commercialisation, Polly has been an integral part of the Australian startup scene, most recently working with global EdTech company Prosper Education, helping to deliver their ELT learning and growth mindset system into Chinese kindergartens. Polly is passionate about STEM for early learners, and creating curious, resilient children through incorporating growth mindset, 21C skills and social and emotional learning into STEM technology interfaces.